Our Ethos

What we're all about...

As well as providing a supportive and professional environment for women to invest in early stage companies, we also have a strong ethos of using our skills and experiences to support women founders.

Our mission...

Investing Women Angels turn the dial for female led businesses by:

  • only investing in female founded companies or companies where a woman holds a senior role,
  • providing focused investment, education, and mentoring,
  • being accessible and impactful to the individual, as well as the business,
  • giving businesses the opportunity of an IWA Non-Executive Director,
  • and using our unique perspective as a woman-only angel group to prioritise women in business and investment.

Through our sister company AccelerateHER, female founders can also receive education, investment guidance, and support - all while joining a dynamic network of like-minded women.

Our Vision

Investing Women Angels exists for the advancement of female founded and female led businesses, through investment and education.

Through our work as a prominent and specialised angel investment syndicate, we will turn the dial for female founders in a way that is significant, important, and transformative.

Where we invest, we do so with impact. And we will use our unique understanding of what it is to be female business leaders and investors, to make discerning and meaningful decisions that level the playing field for the future.
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© Investing Women Angels Limited (Company Number SC462552) is a company incorporated in Scotland under the Companies Acts. Registered Office at 2nd Floor, Elder House, Multrees Walk, Edinburgh, EH1 3DX

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