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Since we commenced investing, we have invested in 21 companies, most of which are female founded, and we consider future investments on a regular basis. We’re proud of the successes we have had over the years, including the following outstanding businesses.
TC Biopharm

TC Biopharm are leading the way in the future treatment of cancer and infectious diseases as pioneers of the first scalable "off the shelf" allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapy platform. They are developing safer, efficacious, cost-effective cell therapy products which can target more cancers and infectious disease and save more lives.

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ScotBio is a biotech company that grows spirulina algae to produce clean-label, natural ingredients. Unlike other spirulina producers, ScotBio grows its spirulina indoors in steel vessels, using a patented lighting system to increase the growth rate.

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Envisioned and founded by Scottish Fashion designer Alex Feechan, FINDRA was born in the small textile village of Innerleithen in the stunning Tweed Valley and holds its Scottish heritage close.

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And here are some of our other portfolio companies.

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