Investing Women Angels

We are an active and vibrant female-led angel investment syndicate. Focussed on building women’s involvement in investing, we provide the knowledge, education and community to support existing and potential female angels and help them on their investment journey.

We are a fast-growing and significant angel network, which provides a supportive environment for women to explore investment opportunities and to grow their collective portfolio.
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Investing Women Angels is focussed on creating a pool of angel investors to act as a catalyst for creating the next generation of business success stories. We help as many women as possible enter the investing space, supported by an ethos of using our skills, experience and investment to support promising founders.
Our Team
Our senior team is charged with supporting the successful operation and growth of Investing Women Angels.
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Our Board
The Investing Women Angels Board is headed up by CEO Jackie Waring. It receives strategic advice and direction from our company directors.
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Our Ethos
As well as providing an excellent environment for women to invest in early stage companies, we also have a strong ethos of using our skills and experiences to support promising founders.
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© Investing Women Angels Limited (Company Number SC462552) is a company incorporated in Scotland under the Companies Acts. Registered Office at 2nd Floor, Elder House, Multrees Walk, Edinburgh, EH1 3DX

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