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Our Angel Ambassadors are here to offer advice and support to aspiring and existing angel investors.

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Poonam Malik

I understand the challenges women face in academia and business, and I noticed there was a lack of accessibility to funds and advice. I met Jackie Waring who was about to launch Investing Women Angels and our motivation was the same- supporting female founders through mentoring, business advice and helping them to access the right investment to grow their businesses.

It is great to be part of a group of like-minded people, and meeting so many innovative female entrepreneurs who are passionate about their businesses has been very inspiring.


Jackie Waring

As an active and experienced angel investor myself; I wanted to change the face of angel investing in Scotland, so I established 'Investing women Angels' - Scotland’s first all-female group - whose members have been investing since 2015 with more than 90% of funds going to highly innovative female founded companies. 

I am passionate about helping other entrepreneurs, and it was this passion which inspired me to establish AccelerateHER; creating a channel to directly help female founders going for scale, investment and internationalisation.  Through our investor group, we have a real opportunity to support female founded businesses right here in Scotland.




Rhona Campbell 

Through my interest in supporting and mentoring female founders, I heard about Investing Women.  I loved the idea of a female-led investment group focused on investing in and supporting female founders - and joined the group at its inception.  It has been an amazing experience, meeting and learning from other like-minded female angels from all backgrounds as well as learning about new industry sectors, other types of businesses and the investment process itself.  As a result, I have invested in a number of companies as well as having the privilege of mentoring female founders on their investment journey and growth.  


Carolyn Jameson

I was looking to start investing as an angel and came across Investing Women. As a group, I found it a particularly welcoming and friendly environment to join, and I felt strongly that investing with the purpose of encouraging female founders, was an added bonus.
I would really encourage others to get involved. It’s such a supportive group, whether for those looking to raise money, or invest in businesses. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of it.

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